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In my belief everyone has his or her own stage in life. Big or small, that doesn’t matter. It’s yours and that is what counts. It has become my mission to put young professionals on their stages and make them feel at ease in what they want to say and share. People often have beautiful ideas but at the same time not the courage to let their voices be heard. I am there to support them whether it’s political or fashion marketing, to find a job or create impact in the world. 


Stage fright and little voice

No red spots in your neck, nor shaking knees or a trembling voice. This course is about how we prepare yourself in such a way that you master the stage

Public Speaking, presentations and speeches

What is your intention and Why. We dive into the Real deal when it comes up to mission, vision and purpose 

Online Personal Branding and Public Speaking

Help, you go viral. Did you think about how you want to be seen by others? Such a scary but courages step needs some preparation!

Make your impact and share with the world what you find important!

Oprah’s definition of luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. Where do you want to be prepared for? Job interviews, that one difficult presentation or your keynote? Let’s prepare your next step together!

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

– Maya Angelou


My services

I offer trainings, workshops and masterclasses: online and in real life. As Mandela always said: education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and that resonates with me to improve the world even in the smallest step

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About Reinout Bosman

Hi there, I am Reinout Bosman an ‘import Italian’ with roots in The Netherlands. Few years ago I discovered the power of my voice when someone asked me to tell about my experiences abroad at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Since that moment I found home for myself and put in practice what I preach. In 2017 I discovered my singing voice as well what made the picture perfect: standing on stage, performing, teaching and bringing a bit of laughter and light in the lives of others has become my mission, my passion and my purpose.

Reinout Bosman

Reinout Bosman

Speaker, Trainer and Tenor Singer

What my clients say about me

Reinout demonstrated his professionalism by giving a well prepared and well-structured presentation. Moreover, he showed to be a natural speaker and communicator, whose enthusiasm and passion caught the attention of our students from the start. By sharing interesting and sometimes hilarious examples of his failures and successes, he cleverly used an appealing format to convey a serious message. The students found his lecture very inspiring, especially those who have big dreams and who are still a bit shy and anxious to really follow their hearts Femke van Hest

Professor and Cultural Attaché, Erasmus University Rotterdam / Gemeente Den Bosch

I have witnessed his speeches on different venues in the Netherlands and Italy. He clearly is knowledgable. Humor and serious business are wellbalanced in his performance. He is a picture pleasing for the eye. He is respectful towards his audience, of all ages and all walks of life. Remarkable was his appearance during the National Day for secretary, 23 april 2016. He vivedly knows how to create a safe space in which he can address what really matters.

Hearing Reinout speak feels like coming alive! Renée van Zandvoort

Image consultant, Reneesense

There is no passion to be found in playing small – in setting for a life that is bigger than the one you are capable of living

– Nelson Mandela

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