Stage Fright and Little Voice 

“But what do YOU feel the final two minutes before you enter the stage?”, my client looks at me cold feeted. I smile and answer that I always have the feeling that I am going to die, before I walk on stage and that she has the same little voice. The only difference is that she truly believes it and I can switch off the ‘I am going to die’ button as soon as my foot touches the stage.

Speaking is first and most of all having control over your body and mind and in this training, we are going to focus on your limitations and beliefs when you have to stand on stage. This training is very effective for all backgrounds and walks of life. I normally work with young politicians and diplomats as well with young lawyers who need to do interrogations or intervene on television or in court.

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  • Imagination and intention based communication
  • Little Voice management
  • Body, breath and voice control
  • Active listening
  • Feedback techniques
  • Non verbal communication


  • Participant understands his own little voices and knows how to handle them
  • Participant knows hoe to deal with questions and give answers
  • Participant has an active attitude
  • Participant knows how to take control over body and breath when the ‘heat is on’

5 – 10 hours, one on one coaching

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears”

– Nelson Mandela

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The Dutch Tenor

As the Dutch Tenor I am a semi-professional Opera singer who would like to sing for you on


  • Private and public events  
  • Benefit concerts  
  • In the opera house  
  • Recital concerts 

What my clients say about me

As a student from the Rome Business School in the marketing and communications master program, I had the pleasure to attend Mister Reinout Bosman’s classes about public speaking. Lectures were handled with tremendous expertise and inspirational content. As a marketing student I express my gratitude for the support and the advice that Reinout provided to us which made us feel more confident in this professional field. Anne - Valéry Rosier

Student, Rome Business School

His remarkable capacities of organisation, communication, culture and foreign languages knowledge, make him a perfect leader and people manager.
His collaboration with our Festival was a real success and his huge range of qualities were essential for our last editions. Last but not least his reliability is outstanding. Jorge Chaminé

Artistic Director, CIMA - Concerti In Monte Argentario

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