• Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

  • – Winston Churchill




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It was 2014 when, after a tough defeat, I moved back from Italy to the Netherlands. I literally thought my life was over and that I was the biggest loser on earth. I lost a lot of money, took ‘Ego-based-decisions’ and was not in the least able to know who I was and what I was doing. Until the day that I met a Lady who asked about my past experiences and invited me to lecture her students. Little did I know that she was a professor at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and had invited almost all her students (over 100) to attend my lecture about failing in an international environment. 

Instead of failing again (what the voice in my head was telling me), something changed when my foot hit the stage floor. I felt a sense of inner peace: ‘this was it’ and after my lecture the students lined up in front of my desk to thank me for sharing so much inspiration. I looked at them, not even realising what they were saying. ‘Did I do this?!’

After that experience I knew that teaching and speaking would be my path.

Time to shift gears… in 2017 I came back to Italy because I knew that I deserved a second chance in this beautiful and difficult country. I changed a lot and was more secure of what I was doing (without the egoic part) and started walking into the field of education, educational trainings with in mind the speaking part. The only thing was that I came back to Italy with 1.000 euros in my pocket and had nothing concrete to do.

In the same year I met a soprano singer who invited me to sing with her an Ave Maria of Schubert. Two weeks later, although I hadn’t sang for years and never hit one ‘Opera note’, we became a street act and I earned my money singing at the Uffizi of Florence. Then I met a 92-year old gentleman who changed my life totally. He is a famous, old opera singer and heard my voice, told me that I had talent and wanted me to stay so he could teach me. That’s how my opera career started.

Over the past years I have worked with thousands of people from all over the world and have awakened people in what their real Why’s are about and, thanks to the many recitals I give every year, I can advise them as well on voice use and body language. Two different roads came together and now it’s time to build up the careers by being at full service to my audience and to let them shine on stage.  

With hunger for ‘what is next’ it’s my life mission to get people on stages and align them with who they are and what they want to share with the world. Can we count on you? 

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