Presentation training

Presentation training

Standing in front of an audience requires practice. It requires a sense of listening, observing and understanding. And it requires being in tune with yourself (otherwise it’s quite difficult to dedicate yourself to others). A pitch coach writes together with you your discourse and searches for those ‘touches’ that makes the story come to life (or better said: translates what makes You come to life into an engaging story). After the story is ready, we work on your stage presence. We discover various practical techniques to manage posture, voice and breathing and at the same time they explore the world of mindset and intentions in order to become aware of own stage presence in words and engagement.

Presentation training Content

  • Support in script and script writing
  • Storytelling with focus on audience
  • Speaking speed, breathing and pronunciation
  • Work on posture 
  • Combat stage fright

Public Speaking as a course

For many years I share my experiences of the ‘Stage’ with the next generations. In various international Master and Undergraduate programs in Italy and throughout Europe I provide lectures or courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques. The preparation for the ‘Stage’ is not only in terms of a final or mid-term presentation, but actually about how to become resilient, increase self confidence and work with techniques that help you interact better with an audience. Students in their final year, ready to discover the job market have shown high appreciation for this way of working which is next inspirational, very practical and with focus on whatever their next move is going to be 

Public Speaking as a course 

  • Support in storytelling and speech writing
  • Presentation of Self and the Other 
  • Alignment words and visual presentation
  • Posture, speaking speed, pronunciation and breathing
  • Audience awareness and audience engagement
  • How to combat stage fright and increase self confidence

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Other Trainings

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