Softskills Management Training

Speaking and negotiating on a high intercultural level is an immense challenge. Getting everyone aligned requires a lot of patience and effective communication. Most of all: it requires soft skills. The fine line between your leadership and your communication. People often say that soft skills are innate and thus not everyone has them… I believe that everyone has them; it’s just a matter of becoming aware of them and putting them into practice. 

Coaching available in one-on-one sessions or with management team  

Softskills Management Training Content

– Practice of communication on any kind of level (low – middle – high management)
– Improvement of interaction skills
– Focus on Mindset & emotional attachment
– Validation techniques
– Voice control and posture
– Definition of authentic Leadership style

Oratory Skills Coaching

Addressing the nation and not wanting to sound like Obama? I fully understand. Every voice is unique and speaking is not a ‘trick’ it’s a technique. A technique that has to suit your personal style and has to be in line with your personality.

Coaching available in one-on-one sessions

Oratory Skills Coaching Content

– Intention based communication & why
– Speech writing with storytelling as starting point
– Mindset and stage fright
– Executive coaching (breathing; posture; pronunciation)
– Non-verbal communication and image (well dressed for every occasion)

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