Pitch coaching

In words and in presence

You have 3 minutes to pitch your business idea: 3 minutes. You are expert in the topic, but how expert is your audience? What do they need to hear? Of course, you want to engage your audience in a short and smooth way to your words and your appearance. But what are you going to say? What is really relevant and how can you make that message as efficient as possible and easy to listen to whilst keeping yourself in control as time is ticking?

Sessions are available in different packages and are mostly held 1-on-1
For accelerators I also provide masterclasses

Pitch Coaching Content

  • Support in words and alignment with pitch deck
  • Storytelling for pitches of 3 -5 and 10 mins
  • Focus on audience and the ‘ask’
  • Speaking speed, breathing and pronunciation
  • Stage fright; how to keep headspace at moments that the pressure is high

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