The Dutch Tenor

Public performances

Do you have a bar and would like to bring opera on the menu? That’s possible!
You can book the Dutch Tenor for two times 30 minutes to create a real Italian atmosphere in your restaurant. For this type of performances we offer a standard tracklist of famous Italian songs and aria’s. Would you like to discover a Tenors voice in your restaurant singing songs such as  Libiamo nei lieti calici and O sole mio? Make your request today and we will contact you within 24 hours!


Benefit concerts

In the spirit of great Maestro Luciano Pavarotti I would like to use my voice as a tool to raise money for your fund. In a dazzling show I bring you Italy’s finest in opera music. Interested and more information needed? Contact me today!

Opera lectures

Do you know that Giacomo Puccini failed many times before he find the right key to write la Bohème and what does Bohème actually means?

Do you know why Giuseppe Verdi taught his singer to value every word they sing? ‘Posizione’ and ‘Parola’. Or why Machbeth was so important for his career? And what does Traviata mean?

This and much much more during various opera lectures! Only if you understand the whole background story and the real life story you are going see on stage, you will have the full 360 degree experience of the opera!

Let me guide you through the scenes, the brainwaves of the composers and the challenges of the singers and the orchestra to give you an amazing night out!

Private concerts and weddings

There you go, you found each other and want to seal your love with a beautiful declaration towards each other and your loved ones.  May I give my voice as a present to your wedding? Together we choose your favourite (opera-) songs and I will take care of the rest. Everything will be set and handled for your perfect day!

Ask for more information and choose to say Yes as well to a performance of the Dutch Tenor!

Reinout is outstanding. Since a couple of years I teach him how to use his voice as my Maestri thaught me and I am impressed by his determination to become the best. World, watch out, Reinout is coming!

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