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Reinout Bosman lives in Florence, Italy. He teaches, inspires and wakes up peoples truest potential by lecturing in Public Speaking and Softskills. In the past years he met more than 3.500 international students and professionals from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds whilst teaching in private institutes and business schools and working with people in the political, corporate and NGO environment. Next to his coaching activities, Reinout has discovered his own voice and works as a semi-professional opera singer. In his work he supports his clients to align Ratio and Pathos in order to engage their audience in an easy and authentic way.

‘I believe we all can make a difference, small or big, in the lives of every child and every human being in order to let them flourish and experience who they really are’.

Reinout Bosman

Pitches, presentations and speeches

What is your intention, who is your audience and how are you going to engage them to your story?

Voice coaching

With the principles of the Belcanto technique you will pronounce more, breath better and be able to control your voice

Stage fright and Mindset

No shaking knees or a trembling voice. With some simple techniques and some posture work I make sure you can combat the stage