Voice coaching

The belcanto technique

The belcanto technique is proven to be one of the healthiest ways to sing Opera. But did you know that it is also very beneficial for non-singers who have to speak a lot? As a semi-professional opera singer, I experience on a daily basis the benefits of healthy breathing, correct pronunciation and more voice stability.

Working on voice, means working your brain, working on your own fundaments and developing an easy way to speak, pronounce whilst having more control over your voice and your mind.

These aspects are fundamental when you run a company, deal with a team or need to speak a lot. And it leverages your presence in general. The more you want to show yourself to the world, the more the details should be aligned: less distraction leads to more people listening to what you actually have to say.


Improve your pronunciation
Learn to breath with your abdomen
Get more melody en rythm in your tone of voice
Voice stability
Improve articulation
Various theories and techniques from Giuseppe Verdi, Maria Callas and Maestro Angelo Rossi


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