Stage Fright & Mindset

Combat your shaking voice!

The longer we live the more we get and have to deal with defeat and failure. That is actually where your fright starts: somewhere in the past someone has said that you are not good enough, someone has done his or her best to get you down, to make you feel useless or bring you in complete embarrassment or, even harassed you in a social or emotional way. All you wanted was being seen and acknowledged for your do’s and your deeds… and there was no reply on the other side.

But still, those moments should not keep you away from the Stage. Because, that is where you belong. And I know, easier said than done, but the moments you felt vulnerable in a negative way due to past experiences are manifesting in that moment, because: what happens if it happens again? It’s no such thing that even Luciano Pavarotti was a nerve wreck behind the scenes and often shouted that he was going to die.

In this Mindset and Limited beliefs training I want to show you how to deal with those beliefs, where they are coming from and how you can combat them every time again. I give you proper stage preparation and will share what I do before I go on stage (believe me, I am a nerve wreck too!)

Sessions are available in different packages and are mostly held 1-on-1.

Stage fright and mindset Content

Understanding where the beliefs come from
Awareness of how to change perspective
Practical tips and techniques
Mindmap of being at your best and worst
Voice and breathing techniques


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